IRO Zero Twist Feeder

The Zero Twist Feeder delivers a tape yarn or fibre tow to the weaving machine without any twist. It keeps the yarn constantly stretched to avoid the risk of any snarls or twisting of the tape.

The ZTF is designed for use with rapier machines. It can be installed on new CAN communication machines, or retrofit to older non-CAN communication machines using a specially designed conversion kit.

The ZTF is supplied as either a single channel unit, or as a weft mixing version.

Zero Twist Feeder

How it works

The bobbin is rotated by a motor, allowing delivery of the yarn without twist at an average speed of the weaving machine.

A buffer arm, synchronised with the rapier movement, buffers the yarn being rolled off the bobbin at a continuous speed and delivers the exact amount to the weaving machine at the correct speed needed for the weft insertion.

A tension and sensor arm ensures that constant yarn tension is kept during the whole insertion cycle.


  • Delivers the tape yarn without any twist
  • Handles Carbon fibre, Glass fibre, Aramid, Plastic tapes…
  • Easy to exchange bobbins
  • Works with mono-rapier or ­double-rapier weaving machines
Technical data
IRO Zero Twist Feeder
Tape widthup to 7 kg
Bobbin weightup to 7 kg
Insertion lengthup to 3.40 m
Insertion speedup to 500 m/min

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Zero Twist Feeder