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Our way to the perfect fabric

We guide you when choosing yarn feeders and accessories for your weaving process.
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Technical fabrics & Automotive

Numerous variations in yarn types continues to present new challenges.

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Imagination is a key element in the creation of fancy fabrics.

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Like denim and the denim weavers, our feeder systems are designed by building on the traditional with a view to the modern, to produce durable value for our customers.

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Quality and status are traditions we proudly share with wool weavers.

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Tablecloths and household linen

Natural fibres woven with simplicity to furnish the most elegant tables is an art in itself.

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Silk, filament and fancy fabrics

Detail, creativity and flare – characteristics we share with the designers of fancy fabrics and accessories.

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A fresh, clean shirt everyday, chosen to show our style, attitude and individuality.

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Bed sheetings and towels

Woven to ensure personal comfort.

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Furnishing and upholstery

Unique fabrics produced for home furnishings using flexible weaving technology.

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