Powered weft lubricator

The powered weft lubricator is an automatically controlled oil dispensing device for use on all X2/X3 series feeders. The Oiler is integrated into the systems communications network and is therefore fully synchronized with the feeder’s insertion speed.

IRO Powered weft lubricator

The dosage rate of the oiler can be electronically adjusted allowing the application of lubricant to be exactly adapted to the required volume. The unit is extremely simple to install and can be used together with all other input and output components in the X2/X3 system.


The feed cylinder is self-cleaning and it is powered by a maintenance free synchronous motor. The powered lubricator has many production advantages, such as; even weft lubrication, reduced lubricant waste, reduced wet spots, improved fabric quality, reduced weft breakage – enabling increased weaving efficiency and speed.


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IRO Powered weft lubricator