Project Description



Revolutionary leaf brake

The goal to provide our customers with equipment to produce perfect fabric quality has resulted in our new “Uni-Brake”. The revolutionary Uni-brake surpasses all existing models of traditional leaf tensioners. High performance, extended longevity and userfriendliness are key elements of the Uni-Brake.

There are different models of the Uni-Brake available. Each one is designed to help our customers achieve perfect fabric. The Uni-Brake is design and patent protected.
Output: Single with compensator, single without compensator and double with compensator
Input: Single

Simple “lever operation” for thread-up and cleaning, coupled with an improved regular cleaning schedule due to the flexible long tension leafs, makes the Uni-brake extremely user-friendly.

Performance. The combination of the long braking surface and the flexible tension leafs of the Uni-brake, means knots and yarn irregularities are handled far more effectively than was previously possible, resulting in reduced yarn stress caused by tension peaks.

The Uni-brake is more universal than other tensioners thanks to its compact design and diverse tension range, requiring less space to give better performance compared to traditional leaf tensioners. For example, the new “Single” Uni-brake applies tension equivalent to a traditional Double “Four-leaf” Tensioner, making the Uni-brake extremely versatile.

Life-span. The life-span of the tension leafs used on the new Uni-brake is dramatically improved thanks to the braking surface being 10 times that of a traditional brake.