Project Description


Rapid Tension Control

The Rapid Tension Control (RTC) is a fast reacting, programmable weft tensioner system, which automatically adjusts to the optimal tension required for the complete weft insertion cycle. By the use of an integrated electromagnet a specially developed flex brake ensures the correct tension at all times.

The user-friendly settings are easy to program using the easily accessible integrated panel. The major advantage with this system is that there is only one setting for the weft tension. With a conventional “brush and brake” set-up, there are two settings that influence the weft tension.

Rapid Tension Control is designed to be an integral part of both Chrono X3 and XD X3 weft-feeders and is currently for use on Picanol OptiMax-i rapier machines.

  • Reproducible and transferable settings
  • Very fast and precise operation
  • Only one setting for weft tension
  • Versatile, suitable for most yarn types
  • Self-cleaning brake
  • Compact design integrated into the weft feeder
  • Reduced production costs and increased machine efficiency
  • User-friendly intuitive handling
  • Robust, energy-efficient system for optimal yarn tension
  • Industry 4.0 ready