Project Description


The S-Flex

Compensating tensioner and balloon control

Expanding on the design of the M-Flex, the S-Flex has been developed with a design focused on the combination of “balloon control” and “braking” functionality that covers a range of typical yarns and applications. An optimized braking cone ensures a solution with excellent performance and further improved resistance to wear.

Performance, versatility and longevity are the driving factors behind the development of this new family of brakes, where one brake is able to cover an extensive range of applications.

  • For low and constant tension, these brakes can replace natural soft brushes, with the great advantage of being self-cleaning.
  • Designed to achieve the criteria of a “one brake, one application” solution. See also our application recommendations.
  • High resistance to wear.
  • Compact modular design
  • Compatible with the optional pneumatic threading system
  • Available with special soft material in the cone