Wi-Feeder is a wireless access point for mobile phones, tablets and PC to allow customers to be able to connect to IRO/ROJ X3 feeders.

It is a useful tool for troubleshooting and maintenance, and a very easy way to access key information and data during the weaving process.

Wi Feeder web

How it works

The Wi-Feeder can be connected either to a single feeder, or to one of the ports of the weft-feeder control box on the loom.

It activates a “point to point” Wi-Fi signal to which it is possible to connect with your portable device, simply by creating a new Wi-Fi connection by selecting “Wi-Feeder”. Full operating instructions and access password are supplied with each device.


  • User-friendly and intuitive App available (Android and iOS)
  • Monitoring of feeder data, for better understanding of the weaving process
  • Check and set the working parameters of any IRO/ROJ intelligent accessories in use
  • Accurate measurement of the yarn consumption of each colour during a weaving cycle, including any waste yarn
  • Alarms / warning messages for easy trouble-shooting and maintenance
  • Download and install latest up-to-date feeder SW releases


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Wi Feeder web